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Mailing and ARC Readers

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Thanks for submitting!

If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a review for my novels and spread the word. Reviews help both authors and readers.


Are you interested in becoming an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) Reader? If so, contact me via email using the submission form on this page. 

All ARC readers will receive FREE, digital PDF copies of my books. All I ask for in return is for an honest review or rating on AMAZON.

There is limited space to become one of my ARC readers, so apply sooner rather than later. To apply, just send me a message with your email and the book you need to start with.


All ARC readers are privileged to receive all current and future books for FREE! Also, being an ARC reader gets you a free digital copy before the the actual publication date of future novels.

All ARC readers can place their reviews or ratings on any platform they wish, such as where the book is on sale, or on their social media/goodreads page. However, the main focus is for ratings and reviews to be placed on Amazon. 

No one will be forced or followed up to give a review. All ARC readers have the choice to leave a rating or review on their own merit. I will accept both seasoned and new ARC readers. If you do leave a review, could you state that "I have received a free copy of this book." or words to that effect in your review, it's not required but it helps other readers and Amazon about the transparency of the non-verified purchase reviews.

For time frames, I know everyone has a life and also a list of books they are currently or have shelved to read. But a fair and reasonable time frame I would expect for a review/rating would be a maximum of FOUR months to leave feedback on Amazon.

Here are the terms and conditions to remain as one of my ARC readers and another reminder that these are guidelines, no one is forced to follow them, it is your choice. 

If you have already purchased a book, just leave a review for them and let me know when you submitted the review/rating. 

Only one book will be given to an ARC reader at a time. No one will receive multiple books all at once, therefore, anyone who asks for them all at once will be declined. 

Once a review is left, take a screen shot or state your Amazon name, plus the Amazon region (.com/ etc) so I can verify you have left a rating/review. 

After a review/rating is submitted, it is at that point that you can receive the next book. 

All future books will be given to ARC readers at least a week before the publication date.

PDF digital copies will be supplied, NO PHYSICAL COPIES will be sent out, as the cost is too high to maintain. However, for proven ARC readers, this may change in the future, but only for UK residents, as it would cost too much to mail books to the USA for example.

ARC readers will be removed from my list for not meeting the reasonable timeframe of four months from the date of receiving the book, not leaving reviews/ratings on Amazon as a minimum requirement to receive the next book, or if there is a conflict of interest such as leaving low ratings/reviews, as if you do not like my novels, there would be no point sending you the next. Finally if anyone asks for money to leave a review, you will be removed from both my mailing list and ARC list.

No one is currently or will be forced to leave a review for any of my books, and again no one will be followed up or contacted to leave a review. It is fully up to the ARC reader if they wish to leave a review/rating and share with me for verification within a four month period. No compensation for free digital copies will be sort after by the author, once you receive a digital copy, it is yours to keep. Reviews/ratings are not mandatory. All that will happen with ARC readers that leave no reviews/ratings, or go past the deadline expected, is that they will no longer receive further copies of the books and their email will be removed from my list to make room for active ARC readers. Non-active or low reviewing/rating ARC readers information will not be publicized on any platform or chased/followed up, it is an ARC readers right to read, review/rate my books in any way they see fit.

It is an ARC readers right to leave any review/rating they wish, be it good or bad. However, it is the author's right to keep or remove ARC readers on their list. I, as an author, am not entitled to a review/rating just as an ARC reader is not entitled to free books they do not intend to read or review/rate. I pay a lot of money for high quality covers and professional edits for my books, therefore, it is my choice as the author who receives them for free.

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration for reading this information, and I look forward to sharing my stories with devoted readers such as yourself.

Thanks for submitting!

For all other queries, you can reach me at the link provided or by mail (letters only) at:

Blaidd Gwyn Publications

61 Bridge Street



Please Note, Blaidd Gwyn Publications is not taking on any submissions. All manuscript queries will be deleted and not read.

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