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Parallel Lines

This page is to inform you about the progress of each novel in the series.

Have you ever been frustrated by being left in the dark with the progress of a book series? Well, I will do my best to keep you informed. Below are the current stages of each book, and how many to expect in this series. All future series will be treated the same, and that's a promise.

Released: This means the book is out in the world for you to purchase.

Formatting: Meaning it will come out within a three month period. Also any subscribers to this site will have the first three chapters of the latest novel sent to them via a news letter. (At this stage, I will also give a cover reveal when it is ready, via this website and social media)

Under Edit: Either myself, or an industry professional is editing the novel. This will be the longest phase. 

Drafting: Currently being written. (First draft)

  • Calinthia Chronicles - Giant Wolves of the West - Released

  • Calinthia Chronicles - Cat Kingdoms of the South - Formatting

  • Calinthia Chronicles - United Bears of the North - Drafting

Please note, I will always do my best to get the novels out there as fast as possible. However, as you all know, these things still take time, and funding to get the novels to a high standard, which I will always try to achieve.

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