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Please Note

My novels are meant for a mature audience. As the series develops, they currently or will contain mature language, graphic violence, sexual content and explicit content of a dark nature. *Please do not read if you are a minor or have a sensitive nature.*

All book cover images, maps and art on this website are subject to copyright.


Calinthia Chronicles - Giant Wolves of the West

Book One

Over a hundred years ago, one person’s fear turned to hatred, soaking the lands with the blood of warriors, as well as innocents. Since then, an uneasy peace reigned over the West Plains. Now, civil war looms over the wolf clans once more, as a new threat has emerged from the shadows, seeking ultimate power by destroying everything in his path to achieve it. With this risen evil, the wolves’ traditions, culture and very existence are at risk. What will stop the ascent of this darkness – other than more death?

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Calinthia Chronicles - Cat Kingdoms of the South

Book Two

The Southern Kingdoms have always been in a fragile state of peace, with a class-based system providing balance throughout the three cat kingdoms, even though some would like to see it collapse. As Ankur reaches maturity, he travels the lands of the south, learning more about his kin. Suddenly, a new, dark force appears. Now the stygians quickly make a show of their strength and brutality, sparing no one in their path. Clearly all the cat kingdoms are under threat from this powerful enemy, and perhaps the lands of the wolves and bears. Hope comes again to the Southern Kingdoms, involving a bond between close friends. But will their friendship be enough to stop the pure evil that has begun to sweep across the land?

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A Little About The Author

The Author, Blaidd Gwyn, has always been a lover of everything fantasy since a child. But as years went on, Blaidd Gwyn wanted to twist reality with fantasy into his novels, making more relatable plots with relatable characters.

What does this mean? The greatest tool for writing, through Blaidd Gwyn's eyes, is life experience. Blaidd Gwyn has met a lot of people in his life time from many different backgrounds. This means that (through his best efforts) no two characters are the same.

Why dark fantasy? Blaidd Gwyn has always enjoyed fantasy, but he wanted something more realistic to ground the plot, catering to the much needed, adult fantasy genre as there is more than enough fantasy catering to children. As the fantasy genre is male dominated, like sci-fi, he wants to gain more female readers/fans into his and other fantasy writers worlds, showing there is a place for fantasy for everyone, not just men. Finally, no matter the character, you, as the reader will not know which characters have plot armour, if any. But with that said, Blaidd Gwyn will always promise to ensure any character death will be meaningful to the plot, not just for shock value.

As a relatively new author, Blaidd Gwyn will always look to improve on his craft as a writer, be it novels or other forms of media. Plus, he has more than one book series planned for the future.

Blaidd Gwyn is a dyslexic, first time author, based in the United Kingdom. Having a passion to write something for years, he did not due to the dyslexia and he never tried, until now. He's from a working class background, but has managed to travel to a few countries around the world, and is also a veteran of the British Army (Infantry), having served three operational tours. Unfortunately, this has given Blaidd Gwyn PTSD for many years.  He is also a keen fan of history, involving the UK and other parts of the world, but favoured Greek History and Mythology for many years.

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